How To Shop and Prepare Your Wardrobe for Your Next Trip

Without a game plan, shopping and getting prepared for summer vacation can be daunting. I've gone on too many trips where I felt like my outfits were subpar and although my vacay wardrobe isn't everything I would much rather be prepared and put in the extra effort so that when I'm somewhere special, on-the-go and making memories I can look and feel my best and simply enjoy being in the moment. Most recently, I had to get prepared and packed for the South of France, which was a task because it was my first time overseas so I wanted to have fun with my wardrobe in a place I've never been! I knew my girlfriends and I would be taking photos everywhere we went so before our trip I took my time and came up with a game plan that I was happy with and found super helpful.

I think looking and feeling my best is all about being prepared and when I am it's reflected in my wardrobe and I'm not stressing over what to wear.  Wherever my travels take me, here are a few destination wardrobe tips to ensure my wardrobe is on point, "insta-worthy" and ideal for any occasion. 



After I've determined where I'm staying, I'll search the hotel and other destinations I plan on visiting to see what others wore at those particular places. I can usually get a generalized vibe from tagged and reposted photos, and that helps me narrow down what I do and don't want to wear. Most times I can pull outfits together from my closet in a way I wouldn't have done on my own just by browsing tagged photos! If I know of any restaurants, beaches, lounges, parks, etc, I'll be visiting I like to search those, too. In the weeks leading up to my trip as I'm scrolling through Instagram randomly, I'll often see an outfit that I think would be perfect for my trip and I'll save it into a "Collection" folder titled after the destination, then when I'm online shopping I can reference that folder and it makes the shopping process much faster. 

I like finding a good mix of outfit inspo, the best angles for "views" shots, and flat lay ideas. Here are some of the inspiration images I saved in the weeks and days up to my trip. Scroll through the slider to see more!



So many websites offer free shipping and returns and this is the best time to take advantage of those features. During the weeks (and sometimes days) leading up to a trip the last thing I have time for is hours in the Galleria so I'll set aside some time in the evenings to look through some of my favorite online retailers and over-ordering knowing that a handful of things will probably not work out and I'll end up with a good amount of items that are just right for the trip. On my most recent trip I purchased from Revolve, SheIn, Forever21, Zara, and Loft. The best thing to do is order sooner than later. For me, a last minute trip to the Galleria has always been much more costly because I can't find the good deals I always find when I take my time ordering online so my advice would be to start ordering early so that you don't have to stress last minute, overpay, and start getting everything organized early.

Also, if you are not going to do any shopping for your trip then just spend a little extra time looking through your closet (and Pinterest!) and try to be inventive – put together pieces that you've never worn together or wear something that you haven't touched in years. This will make it feel new again, you'll feel resourceful, and your bank account will be happy.


I started my Summer Style board on Pinterest back in February or so with no idea that I was going to Europe this summer, I just created it because there are so many beautiful, drool-worthy images on there but I'm so glad I did because my board came in handy not only with what to wear but also as a reference point for some of the cool, more "creative" shots I took. 

I don't think it's necessary to start a board, but I do think it's fun and helpful to search the places you'll be visiting to give you an idea of what people wear there and cool spots to get pictures.

For all my non-blogger friends who aren't comfortable taking photos or asking people to take your photos, this is especially helpful because I know often times you want a cute picture but you don't even know where to begin with finding a good background and then you have to worry about "what do I do?!?" for the camera when you do find it. Find some inspo and then keep those shots in mind as a reference point when you get there! That way you can hand the camera over to your husband, mother or friend, get the shot quick and continue about your day.

Here are some of the shots that I loved for this, which almost feels like a "mood board". Outfit wise, this helped me avoid buying busy patterns, heels, blouses, etc. because I knew that I wasn't gravitating toward any of that.. I wanted lots of linen, natural colors, big hats, a splash of gold, straw bags, and sandals. 



It's easy to just pack for comfort, I get it because when it comes time to put everything in the suitcase I always want comfort but I try to push the mold a little bit and treat the trip as an opportunity to get some cool pics in a new city (or country) that's a little out of the ordinary from what you (and your followers) are used to. Think a tulle skirt, a lace front corset, big earrings, higher heels, a long dress, etc. Make room for it in your suitcase, get a picture in it, and you won't regret it. For this last trip I packed a statement-making woven clutch and several large hats from Saint Cloud, vintage Chanel earrings and chain link belt from The Vintage Contessa, and bikinis that were better suited for pictures than functional for swimming and other activities. Don't forget the comfortable stuff, those pieces will keep you sane while you're away but the others are sure to make for memorable photos!

I know you're thinking "this girl has way too much time on her hands", but it really isn't. A few minutes a day or just saving some inspo as you see it makes all the difference. 





I would love to hear where you're off to next – leave a comment below and let me know where you're headed!