Get Ready With Me: Everyday Makeup

With so many products saturating the market and new products flooding the internet and beauty departments it can be a total maze finding just what I need without buying everything in sight. Sure, it might be nice to have 10 of everything and pile a much of unnecessary makeup onto my vanity but my practical self says CHILLLLLL and just buy one (or a few) of the best. I appreciate the products that do what they say they do, prove longevity throughout the course of my everyday makeup look, and day after day make me feel my best. 

My favorite makeup product of all time is the Laura Mercier Warm Bronze loose powder bronzer. I get so many compliments on my dewy, glowy skin and I swear this is the trick! The color is perfect but what I love most is the easy application – the powder is buildable but you don't have to work hard to build up a nice, rich glow like you have to with some others. I also use this bronzer as eyeshadow and love the look, plus, as much as I use it the powder has last me 3+ years.

I've never found a blush I love more than MAC powder blush in Style – the perfect natural tone that goes seamlessly with any and all looks and occasions. This blush is an absolute daily must for me and guarantee you will love too. When applying, I smile big and lightly brush a small circle to the apple of my cheek – that's it! 

For foundation, I rotate between three (depending on the coverage I'm wanting): Nars Sheer Glow, bareSkin pure brightening serum foundation, and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD. For light, super dewy coverage I'll wear bareSkin (in Linen 03), the color matches but it still makes me look like I got a hint of skin and my skin looks so healthy and hydrated when I wear this. If I have a breakout and need just a tad more coverage for daytime I'll wear NARS Sheer Glow – the product itself is silky and luxurious feeling and also looks dewy upon application. The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD (in Y315) is buildable full coverage. This is perfect for events and pictures, to ensure an absolutely flawless face – goodbye freckles, scares, discoloration.

Another staple in my everyday products is Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealer for undereyes. It has a little bit of a pinkish tint so it looks really natural under my eyes – I hate most concealers because the color is too unnatural looking so I'm so glad I found this one that works so well for me. The coverage is amazing and I set it with Laura Mercier Brightening Powder using Sephora contour brush #79 to set in the small undereye area. 

For a daytime look my favorite mascara is Tarte Maneater voluptuous mascara – it lengthens and fills my lashes without clumping or looking overdone or heavy. For a bold evening look my go-to is Diorshow Lash-Extension Effect that has a microfiber-enriched formula that reproduces the effect of lash extensions for naturally longer lashes. 

To finish my makeup, I rotate between several lipsticks: NYX in Abu Dhabi, MAC Velvet Teddy and Tarte in Exposed. I love a lip that doesn't overshadow my makeup or face so I look for lipsticks that compliment my facial features and skin tone and these have been my favorites by a landslide.  I always feel like I have a healthy glow when I wear natural tones on my lips, as appose to feeling like I look washed out when I wear darker lips. 

As you can see I'm not high maintenance in the makeup department. I have products that work well for me and I stick with those and reinvent them in creative ways when I want to spruce things up. For all the others that I absolutely love but didn't mention, I am sharing directly below. Swipe through and find your new favorites. 



What are your must-have everyday products? Would love to know in the comments below!