Fall Beauty: Skin, Makeup and Hair Products

Hannah Swiggard - D Bronzi Beauty Drunk Elephant

Don’t you just love finding new products that work, or just make you look and feel really good about yourself? I know I do. I recently discovered Lancome’s new ultra long lasting foundation and I’m so impressed by the finish and coverage it gives. I’m also loving Drunk Elephant’s new D-Bronzi sunshine drops – it mimics the sunkissed glow that we get from being in the sun and delivers the perfect amount of color, which is great for Fall when I don’t get much sun.

I’m also loving the Hourglass Viel translucent setting powder – it has a light shimmer and gives a subtle radiant glow. A little off topic, but I found the yummiest candle at Target (in photo!) and I’ve been burning it all week.. if you’re looking for the perfect Fall candle this is it.

I’ve recently discovered Monat haircare and so far I’m really liking it. The system works to strengthen and grow your hair out like crazy. The before and after pictures are amazing so I’m giving it a try. I order my products through my friend Lauren and they’re delivered straight to my door. I also receive Kerastase strengthening/conditioning treatments at Azur West Ave Salon every other month to keep my hair healthy and I use Living Proof Leave-In Overnight Treatment on the nights I remember!

hannah swiggard Fall Beauty: Skin, Makeup and Hair Products

Last week I picked up this Image Skincare trial kit at KUMI Laser and Medspa – I’ve never tried Image Skincare but I’ve heard really good things so I’m excited to try it out. The kit comes with a lightening cleanser, a lightening serum, and moisturizer for both AM and PM. Going to be using this system this week so stay tuned for how it worked for my skin.

Other than that, I’m trying to keep my skincare routine simple. Any products you’re currently loving? Would love to hear about them in the comments below.