6 Ways To Get Motivated

Is there anything worse than having your workout and diet routine under control, just to find yourself getting thrown off course? Don't think so. It's totally normal and we all do it – I certainly do. I try to listen to my body and if it's just a matter of giving myself some rest from working really hard I will give my body the rest. If it's out of laziness, I try my hardest to get up and do something even if it's small. 

Next time you find yourself unmotivated and straying from your balanced routine, get back into your groove by trying the below some of the things that work for me!

  • Reach out to friends who workout a lot and ask if you can tag along. Plan several workouts together and add them to your calendar. And then don't cancel!!!
  • Go for a long walk –  the neighborhood, local park, the mall, anywhere!
  • Avoid baggy clothing (lol) and opt for jeans or a top that is fitted – let the form fit motivate you to make the right eating choices throughout the day
  • Spend time with friends that are active and working toward goals of their own – encourage them to share their goals and progress with you, and let that server as motivation for yourself
  • Get rid of the food and drinks in your kitchen that are not going to aid in your progress
  • Add all events, vacations, or activities that you are eager to look your best for into your calendar and make mental notes of how many days you have until then – let the pressure get you up off your feet and moving

You might not be ready to jump in full force but at least get moving. Little steps in the right direction make all the difference, and once you're comfortable with the little steps in the right direction you'll be motivated and ready to hit the rest of your health and fitness goals.

 What do you do to get yourself out of a rut? Comment below!