5 Favorite Face Masks

Don't we all love a good face mask?

Over the years I have tried so many masks and a few worth mentioning have stood the test of time. There are different qualities that make each one of these important in my routine... whether it's being used for a much needed hydration surge after a busy weekend or to heal a breakout.

Finding masks that work for my skin is a task in itself since there are SO many out there. Unless I've read incredible reviews, one thing that I like to do before buying any skincare product is get a sample in Sephora and try it out at home first before buying. I have saved myself so many wasted products and money by doing this! Usually a sample will allow you at least 3 uses – enough to get an idea of whether you like it or not. 

Another face mask that I absolutely love is combining Indian Clay purchased on Amazon with apple cider vinegar – it works wonders and it's *dirt* cheap. I'll save that for another post so that I can go into further detail.

Since the options out there can be tiresome to sort through, I've rounded up my 5 favorite masks that I use for different purposes. 

Origins Clear Improvements – This mask is a great go-to because it's clears your pores and it's not aggressive on your skin. When I have a breakout and my skin is really sensitive from trying to get everything under control this is a must.  

Fresh Brightening Night Treatment – Talk about a moisture surge! The one has a semi-thick consistency, smells a little floral but really fresh and nice, and has my skin dewy and moisturized by morning. 

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay – This mask is my favorite not only because of it's super effective ways but also because Charlotte Tilbury gave it to me herself! CT is an incredible inspiration to me and her entire skincare and cosmetic line is TO DIE FOR. Charlotte said that she likes to apply this mask after her shower while she's running around the house getting ready for work so that's what I do. 5 minutes is all the time you need for this one – I'm obsessed.

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask – This one is a game changer for problematic skin. Sulfur dries the skin and helps it shed faster, which helps to unclog and heal your problem areas. I use this mask 1-2 times a week, and use it as a spot treatment before bed if I notice anything coming to the surface. Sulfur has a pretty potent smell so if that bothers you then this might not work for you! 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque – My sister says you know it's fancy if it's spelled with a "que", and that's exactly how it feels. It has a thicker consistency and with one coat I feel like my skin is drowning in hydration. This one is perfect after a day out in the sun or when I've been using alot of toner or other drying products. 







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