Full Body Workout at Levy Park

Last week while my sister was in town, we made use of the new neighborhood as our own outdoor gym. 

The best part about this workout was that when we first arrived there was a petting zoo going on at the park with the absolute cutest animals – piglets, a donkey, goats. Safe to say I was more than happy to spend my time with the animals rather than working out, but luckily Jenna was quick to snap me back to on track.

We started with a 2 laps around the park and settled into this area off the path, where we turned on our music and pushed each other through 30 minutes of ab, arm and booty exercises. We finished our workout with 2 more laps around the park.

Our workout: 

  • 50 push ups, 2x
  • 50 sit ups, 2x
  • 50 step ups, 2x
  • 25 squats, 4x
  • 1-minute planks, 2x