Tips for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

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A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. We take care of our general health, our wardrobe, and as silly as it is, even little cosmetic procedures here and there but often fall short of taking complete care of our best accessory: our smile. 

Oral health is much bigger than making sure your teeth are dazzling and bright, but a white smile really does wonders in the confidence department and makes you feel a little more polished when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. 

I've been whitening my teeth with Crest White Strips for years so my teeth have become a bit sensitive. I tried an in-office treatment once and my teeth were in excruciating pain for several days – no thanks! Typically I'll just throw on a strip before going to an event, function with friends or before a trip and that has done the job just fine. For White Strips, I recommend the Classic Vivid pack because it's gentle on your enamel. 

Recently I discovered Naturally White, a teeth whitening office that does nothing but whiten teeth! It's an hour-long process (bring your headphones and laptop) while you relax in their comfortable recliner chairs and leave with an instantly whiter smile! I did not expect my teeth to take to the whitening (with no sensitivity) as well as it did so I was very happy to see how many shades lighter my teeth were from just one treatment. After my appointment I attended a holiday party with friends and I couldn't stop smiling (and taking pictures with friends).

While I was in for my service I met a Houston blogger who was in for her treatment and after chatting a bit we figured out coincidentally that we had gone out together with our groups of girlfriends years back. I always love connecting and reconnecting with people and hearing what they're up to! We caught up, and had a little fun with the Naturally White marketing and social media team and took some really cute pics.    

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Another at-home treatment that I've heard really good things of but unfortunately can't speak from experience is "oil pulling" – it involves swishing a high quality food-grade oil in your mouth (sesame, olive, or coconut, for example) for twenty minutes, then spitting it out. This all-natural method is meant to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms and, along the way, whitens teeth. I tried it one time and couldn't take the warm oil in my mouth but it is a natural and super cheap whitening method. 

What are your oral health and teeth whitening tips? 

Interested in whitening at Naturally White? Mention my name or  my code TKTKTK for 20% off.

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