Perfume Shrine: All-Time Favorite Fragrances


I love wearing perfume. For one, it's one more way to express my sense of style and embrace individuality and it just makes me feel polished and put together. Over the years I have built a little collection that consists of scents in a wide range for all different occasions and even times of year. When I do get a new perfume I don't just go to the department store and pick one but rather wait for the right one to come to me – if I smell something I like I'll usually get a sample of it, wear it a time or two, and then decide whether it's a keeper. I always gravitate for woody or floral fragrances.... for whatever reason those always catch my eye, errrr, nose. 

My absolute favorite nighttime scent is Alaia Alaia Paris – with notes of Peony, pink pepper, and musk it smells feminine and ladylike, while also giving of a sensual and sexy vibe making it perfect for evening wear. 

Hermès has managed to create a perfume that smells as luxurious as, well, an Hermès store. The Jour D’hermès Absolu has a very strikingly unique smell – warm, feminine, floral – and lasts all day long so it has become my go-to daytime fragrance. Highly recommend! 

"I wanted to express the essence of femininity with flowers, nothing but flowers." —Jean-Claude Ellena, Parfumeur


Creed is just the best. Creed was founded in 1760, passed from father to son, and is the world's only privately held luxury fragrance dynasty.... sounds swanky, huh? The Silver Thankfully my two fragrances have lasted me years which makes me feel a little bit better about the steep price tag. I've never received more compliments on a perfume than Silver Mountain Water – it's light, crisp, rich and smells great on men and women. If you want to turn heads, I'd suggest this one. 


If you find yourself on the market for a new perfume and can't seem to make a decision (since there are an overwhelming amount of them on the market) shop some of my favorites or refer back to this post next time you stop by the beauty counter.