About ME


Welcome to my site. I've always wanted an online space of my own that would allow me to document and share fashion, street style, runway, beauty, health, and many of the other topics you will find on here. From sharing my personal style and beauty essentials, uncovering the latest trends, workout routines, and more, my goal is to create a space that every gal can look to for inspiration, savvy tips, and fun. 

Over the years, my friends have turned to me for a distinctive sense of inspiration, not to be seen as a copycat but rather to enhance their own personal style in a fashion-forward manner. In the same way, I hope I can inspire you to rework and bring your own wardrobe to life!

As much as I have loved fashion from an early age, being a fashion editor allowed me to fully immerse myself – strengthening my affinity and passion, skills and knowledge – in the industry. Working with major fashion houses like Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Max Mara, Valentino, and so many more through the years reinforced my appreciation and natural eye for style far beyond the surface. 

Random facts about me: I was born in Louisiana on an Air Force base where both of my parents served in the military, I'm left-handed, I am a fur mom to my adorable Pomeranian pup Liam, I have three younger sisters and an older brother, my first name is a palindrome, I'm a very curious person – always learning and asking questions, I was voted "Class Clown" 3 years in high school, I played the flute growing up, I'm OCD about labels facing forward, I say "ya know what I mean?" way too much, my zodiac sign is a Taurus, I make a wish on 11:11 everyday, public speaking makes me abnormally nervous, people say I have a bit of a Southern accent, visiting the Amalfi Coast is at the top of my Bucket List. 

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